tm 10

cam-controlled automatic lathe for second operation

Short cycle time, high productivity and precise repeatability combined with a user-friendly concept.

tm10-audrema-drehautomat-transco Kopie
transco Audrema® automatic lathes - precise
transco Drehautomaten variabel
transco Audrema® automatic lathes - fast

tm 10 - cam-controlled automatic lathe for second operation

The Audrema® tm 10 automatic lathe for second operation realizes short cycle times and a high degree of repeat accuracy. This corresponds to the requirements in second operation machining of medium and large sized batches.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum standard part dimensions:
    140 mm length (120 mm shank + 20 mm head)
    30 mm diameter (versions on request)
  • Changing times with collet chucking:
    Free drop < 1,0 s
    Guided drop < 1,5 s
  • Changing times with three-jaw chucking:
    Guided drop < 2 s
  • Performance of up to 35 parts per minute
  • Maintenance-free precision spindle bearing
  • PCL control for leading functions
  • High performance drives up to 9 kW
  • Independent and multiple variable camshaft rotation speed
  • Mechanical feed cams
  • Interchangeable chucking devices:
    Pull collet chuck, push collet chuck, overhead chuck, power operated mandrel
  • Optional clamping devices on request
  • Multiple chucking is possible
  • Interchangeable tool carriers:
    Radial slides, cross slide radial-axial, multiple cross slide with guiding ruler, straight-turning slide
  • Optional spindle sleeve slide for drilling and threading
  • Hydraulic unit for sphere turning
  • Extensive program of feeding systems for parts with head, discs, rollers, pins, headless parts etc.
  • Position detection and position change of parts in the feeder unit is possible
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drehautomat-audrema-transco-10 Kopie
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audrema-drehautomat-7 Kopie

The miscellaneous configuration possibilities of the tm 10 enable an optimum design for the customers manufacturing.